Behind the scenes

These are the less glamorous, but totally essential aspects of our work.  If you’re looking for the ultimate garden experience, it can’t be achieved without focusing on the vital steps along the way.

Before we begin work on your garden makeover, we’ll arrange surveys to review your ground levels, soil condition and orientation and we’ll take precise measurements.  We’ll also talk through any irrigation systems your grounds may require.

We’ll look carefully at your drainage requirements and will recommend the most appropriate method.  It’s difficult to overstate the importance of proper drainage, but whether you require a blanket drain, French drains or a soakaway, the most suitable will be included in our plan.  There’s no point in creating a stunning garden if the lawn is still soggy!

We’ll review the levels and will calculate what needs to be done to ensure that where the garden needs to be flat, for your terrace and dining areas for example, this can be achieved.

We’ll assess the services you’ll need so you know that all gas, electricity and water requirements are taken care of and will be brought in at the appropriate stage of the project. 

The pictures may be less pretty, but without the appropriate foundations, drainage and groundworks we can’t be certain that the end result will be perfect – and will stay that way through the years ahead.  All of these assessments will be included in our proposal for your project, giving you a realistic timescale and budget for the project, from concept to creation.