Creating a beautiful garden requires a significant investment of both time and money so, once achieved, you’ll want to keep it looking at its best.  Our maintenance team can tend to your grounds on a weekly basis, but watering is a job that needs to be done each and every day throughout the drier months, and we’re only too aware that this can become tediously time-consuming.

This is why we recommend the use of a fully automated, residential irrigation system to deliver water to your lawns, borders and planters, saving time, money and water.  We want to keep your lawn looking lush and green and to ensure that your shrubs, trees and hedges are in tip-top condition at all times.

A Mowtivated irrigation system will deliver:

  • A fully automated system

  • A tailor-made solution
  • Individually-programmable zones
  • Rain sensors to minimise waste
  • Water, exactly when and where it’s needed

At the outset of your project, we’ll review your grounds and design the most effective option for your particular situation.

Your bespoke irrigation system has to be carefully planned; we need to plot zones and routes and to find a home for the water tank.

You’ll need a tank with sufficient capacity to water the entire garden every evening. We can either sink this into the ground or hide it away – it’s never a particularly pretty feature! – but what the system lacks in looks, it makes up for in efficiency.

Your automated garden watering system will deliver the water your garden needs, effectively and efficiently, minimising waste.

We include rain sensors so that the system never waters already soggy ground and everything is operated via a timer so that water is delivered at the most appropriate time of day; this is easily altered if you’re using the garden of an evening.

Typically, lawn irrigation focuses on sprinkler systems, while we generally utilise drip pipes or micro sprinklers for border and bed irrigation.

Drip pipes are especially efficient as we can position them exactly where we need them, ensuring there’s never any wastage of water.

It’s also good to know that they are permitted by water companies, even during a hosepipe ban.

As the weather turns cooler, we’ll winterise your irrigation system, emptying all the water from the tank and pipes to make sure that nothing freezes.

We then recommission the system in the spring, check everything over, reset the timers and off we go again!

In building our domestic irrigation systems we use the UK’s most trusted suppliers including: