As part of your garden re-design project, we always recommend the inclusion of an effective lighting scheme.  This is the finishing touch that adds that pop of ‘wow’, highlighting every feature, illuminating different zones and delivering the final spot of magic.

Our aim is to bring every area of your grounds to life, adding interest and creating drama after dark, ensuring that you can enjoy prolonged hours in your outdoor spaces.  Our ambiance-boosting designs will allow you to fully appreciate your garden makeover late into the evening.

The lighting plan needs to be built into the original design so that we can make sure power supplies and cables are laid exactly where we’ll need them to be.  We typically utilise a 12-volt plug-and-play system and will work with an outdoor socket your electrician has supplied.

Our lighting systems are adaptable and flexible – and the results are pretty spectacular.

We are a registered and certified NiteLux installer.